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image The Specialist Dental Group® Team

  • We have a team of 13 internationally qualified/trained dental specialists/dentists in 3d三天计划 from six different areas of dental specialties at all our clinics
  • All our dental specialists/dentists have more than 200 years of cumulative clinical experience
  • Awarded with “3d三天计划 Service Class” by SPRING 3d三天计划 in 2016
  • Recipient of “Best Healthcare Experience” at the 3d三天计划 Experience Awards 2012
  • Winner of Promising Brands, 3d三天计划 Prestige Brand Award 2011
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Featured Dentist

Доктор Айрин Сим

Dental Surgeon in 3d三天计划, 3d三天计划 dentist, Dr Irene Sim

Field :

Training :
3d三天计划, Edinburgh

Qualified Since :

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Featured Service

Scaling&Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

Scaling&Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

In addition to brushing your teeth two times a day, it is important to visit the dentist two times a year for your routine scaling & polishing session (teeth cleaning). During a teeth cleaning session, your dentist would help to remove any plaque (sticky, harmful ...

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A Team of Experienced Specialists/ Dentists Equipped to Meet Diverse Healthcare Needs

The internationally qualified dental specialists/dentists at Specialist Dental Group® work together as a team at our clinics in 3d三天计划 to deliver a range of comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Dental specialists spend an additional 2-3 years of training in a specific area of dentistry. They also undergo an examination process by their peers to establish that they are knowledgeable in their area of specialization. Dental specialists spend more of their clinical time doing these specialised procedures on a daily or regular basis and have the training and experience to handle complex cases and handle risks and problems.

Providing quality service to our patients is our first priority. At our dental clinics, we will work with you to create a plan that suits your lifestyle and circumstances while addressing any dental concerns you may have. Compassionate and knowledgeable, our dental specialists/dentists in 3d三天计划 ensure that you are comfortable with and aware of every step involved in your care.

Whether you’re looking for dental implants or considering Invisalign, speak to us today and achieve your best smile.

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Dental Fee Information& Medisave

Find out more information about our dental clinics in 3d三天计划, fees and financing methods available on the relevant specialty dental services page. Goods&Services Tax (GST) of 7% applies to our fees.


Specialist Dental Group® is an accredited day surgery by the Ministry of Health. Citizens and permanent residents of 3d三天计划 may use their Medisave for certain oral surgery procedures.

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Our Dental Clinics & Hours

Mount Elizabeth Orchard
3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-03/04/10
3d三天计划 228510
Phone: (65) 6734 9393
Email: [email protected]

Gleneagles Medical Centre
6 Napier Road, #07-17
3d三天计划 258499
Phone: (65) 6471 5150
Email: [email protected]

Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm, Sat: 9am-1pm

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牙箍是一種有助於牙齒變得整齊的矯正治療。除了讓您擁有迷人的微笑,它還有重要的功能性好處,例如改善您的咬合和發音,以及讓您更加輕鬆的保持口腔健康。 儘管如此,我們理解決定進行矯正治療的過程並不容易。通過這個綜合指南,我們希望解答一些您在此過程中可能遇到的問題。 我如何知道自己是否需要牙箍矯正治療? 如果您遭遇以下任何一種情況,那麼牙箍矯正治療可能正適合您。 牙齒歪斜或參差不齊 牙齒之間縫隙大 下頜錯位導致的上包齒(門牙突出),覆咬合(下牙咬合距離上牙太遠),反頜(上牙咬合在下牙後面)或者反牙合(上牙在下牙裏面—而不是在外面) 您可以用鏡子檢查自己的牙齒,或者試着咬合後感受一下您的牙齒是否都正常咬合。如果您不確定,我們建議您去看一下牙醫或牙齒矯正專家,以便他們爲您的牙齒狀況進行徹底的檢查,並提出相應的建議。 在牙箍矯正治療之後,您可以擁有整齊的牙齒、改善的外觀,更多的自信以及更健康的牙齒。 有哪些種類的牙箍可供選擇? 新加坡的牙科診所一般提供四種不同的牙箍。 不鏽鋼牙箍 陶瓷牙箍 隱藏牙箍(舌側牙箍) 隱適美 (Invisalign) 不鏽鋼牙箍,又稱爲傳統金屬牙箍,在新加坡是最常見的矯正治療類型。金屬託槽被粘合在牙齒的外表面,一根金屬絲纏繞着這些金屬託槽從而在牙齒上施加壓力。這個壓力將有助於將牙齒移動至理想位置。 優點:最便宜。有很多顏色的彈性線供您選擇,以便搭配牙箍。 缺點:從美觀上來講不是最佳的選擇。如果您想找一些看起來不太明顯的,那麼其他三種類型的牙箍將更適合您。 陶瓷牙箍,又稱爲透明牙箍,與不鏽鋼牙箍基本類似,主要區別在於它使用牙色或半透明的牙齒託槽,而不是金屬託槽。 優點:相比金屬牙箍沒有那麼明顯。 缺點:比金屬牙箍貴。如護理不當,牙色託槽很容易因飲食而變色。 隱藏牙箍使用與金屬牙箍相同的材料和技術。主要的區別在於它被放置在牙齒的後面(舌頭側面),因此從外面看是“隱形的”。 優點:讓您在沒人知道您戴牙箍的情況下接受矯正牙齒的治療。…

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Maple Leaf Times, Summer 2016: Teeth Whitening

Thinking of having your teeth whitened at a dental clinic? In this article that first appeared in the Sumer 2016 issue of Maple Leaf Times, Dr Steven…

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3d三天计划 Quality Class
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Bronze Award
3d三天计划 HEALTH Award

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Best Healthcare Experience
3d三天计划 Experience Awards 2012

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Winner, "Promising Brands"
3d三天计划 Prestige Brand Award 2011

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