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Dr Ansgar C. Cheng


  • Dental degree–University of Hong Kong (1990)
  • Master of Science–Northwestern University, Chicago, USA (1992)
  • Specialty training in Prosthodontics,Northwestern University, Chicago, USA (1992)

Fellowships/Specialty Boards

  • Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Royal College of Dentists of Canada (Prosthodontics Board Certified, Canada)
  • Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
  • Prothodontist, Specialist Register, Singapore Dental Council

Academic Awards

  • Oral-B Prize in Periodontology, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1990)
  • Alumni Prize for Academic Merit and Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1990)
  • Distinction, Periodontology&Public Health, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1990)
  • Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Awards, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry (1997, 1998& 2000)

Professional Activities

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
  • Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong
  • Consultant, National University Hospital
  • Examiner (Prosthodontics Specialty), Royal College of Dentists of Canada
  • External Examiner (Prosthodontics Specialty), College of Dental Surgeons, Hong Kong
  • Fellow, College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore
  • Editorial Review Board, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, International Journal of Prosthodontics and Singapore Dental Journal
  • Dental Specialist Assessment Committee (Prosthodontics Specialty), Singapore
  • Formerly Head of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, University Health Network-Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • Formerly Consultant, Department of Otolaryngology (ENT), Toronto General Hospital, Canada
  • Formerly Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics, University of Toronto, Canada

Conference Speaker/Panelist

  • August 2017  Asia Pacific Dental Student Association Congress (Hong Kong)
  • August 2016  Asia Pacific Dental Student Association Congress (Singapore) on“Specialist Lecture Series”
  • July 2016  Continuing Dentist Educational Talk by GSK on“Extreme Dental Reconstruction: To Be or Not To Be”
  • June 2015 – University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Dentistry, Postgraduate Prosthodontics, Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China
  • “Fundamentals of Implant Overdenture: Common Issues (Uncommon Concepts)”
  • November 2014 – 9th Biannual Congress of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics, Taipei, Taiwan
    “Role of CAD CAM in Implant Prosthodontics: Current Perspectives”
  • November 2014 – 7th Scientific Congress, Malaysian Dental Association, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
    “A 21st Century Random Walk in Fixed Prosthodontics. What are the Rules”
  • August 2014 – Peer Review Learning, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore
    “Endosseous Implants in Free Flaps: Prosthodontics and Surgical Considerations”
  • August 2014 – National Kidney Foundation, Singapore
    “Why a Healthy Mouth is Good for Your Body?”
  • August 2014 – College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore
    “The Role of Endosseous Implants in Functional Mandibular Rehabilitations: Prosthodontics and Surgical Considerations”
  • May 2014 – University of British Columbia, Graduate Prosthodontics, Vancouver, Canada
    “Clinical Considerations of Removable Implant Prosthodontic Rehabilitation”
  • May 2014 – Metro West Dental Specialty Group Study Club, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    “Multidisciplinary approach of Prosthodontic Treatment for fine Esthetic Outcome”
  • May 2014 – Nobel Study Club, Singapore
    “Implant superstructures – casting vs CADCAM”
  • April 2014 – 2014 Spring Scientific Meeting, The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
  • April 2014 – Nobel Study Club, Singapore
    “Periodontal Regeneration Around Teeth& Implants”
  • April 2014 – College of Dental Surgeons, Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China
    “Orthodontic and Prosthodontic Paradigm: Contemporary Clinical Management”
  • January to December 2014 – Chairman of Dental Journal Club, Mount Elizabeth Orchard

Scientific Publications

  • Ito MI, Marx DB, Cheng AC, Wee AG. Proposed Shade Guide for Attached Gingiva – A Pilot Study. Journal of Prosthodontics: Implant, Esthetic, and Reconstructive Dentistry. J Prosthodontics 2015:24;182-187
  • Cheng AC, Soo S. Complete denture copy technique-A practical application. Singapore Dental Journal 2014;35:65-70
  • Ng SD, Tan KB, Teoh KH, Cheng AC, Nicholls JI. Three dimensional accuracy of a digitally coded healing abutment implant impression system. Int J OralMaxillfac Implants 2014;29:927-36

Media Interviews


Blog Post

The Star (13 Dec 2019): Inspiring seniors grace a calendar to raise funds for abandoned elderly The Star (13 Dec 2019): Inspiring seniors grace a calendar to raise funds for abandoned elderly

This article first appeared on The Star (Malaysia) on 13 December 2019 (Friday). We have reproduced it for the...

Dr Ansgar Cheng: Who Needs Dental Clearance

在新加坡進行牙冠治療的綜合指南 在新加坡進行牙冠治療的綜合指南

牙冠是完全覆蓋或套在牙齒上的修復物。牙冠可以將牙齒修復至原來的大小、形狀和顏色,並加強現有牙齒的結構。 牙冠是完全根據您的需要定製的 – 也就是說只有您才能戴上適合您的牙冠。 我在什麼情況下需要牙冠? 通常在兩種臨牀情況下,您會需要牙冠: 在現有的牙齒上: 蓋住無法用牙齒填充物修復的大洞(齲齒) 在牙齒變得脆弱、受損或開裂的情況下,加固牙齒 根管治療後對牙齒進行修復 修正變色或形狀參差的牙齒,改善您的笑容和形象 在種植牙齒上: 完全修復缺失的牙齒 如果您遇到以上任何一種情況,那麼您很可能需要一個牙冠。拜訪修復科專科醫生/牙醫,讓他們爲您進行詳細的檢查,並提供定製化的治療方案。 有哪些種類的牙冠可供選擇? 有兩種不同種類的牙冠 – 臨時牙冠和永久牙冠。 臨時牙冠確保您不會帶着沒有牙齒的微笑離開診所。這是在等待您的永久牙冠在牙科實驗室裏完成之前的臨時解決方案。臨時牙冠由您的修復科專科醫生/牙醫在診所製成,使用樹脂、丙烯酸或不鏽鋼材料。 永久牙冠可由不同材料製成,可分爲以下幾類: 1.牙色牙冠 樹脂牙冠 (Resin) 樹脂牙冠是用與天然牙齒顏色相匹配的塑料型材料製成,它和牙齒填充物的材料類似。由於樹脂牙冠不那麼耐用,所以新加坡的診所一般不把樹脂牙冠作爲病人的永久牙冠。 優點:一般比較便宜 缺點:與其他類型的牙冠相比更容易磨損......

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